Often, critical work on our profligate use of planet Earth’s resources emerges as a series of interventions into established disciplines and practices. This reveals a fundamental need to assemble new knowledge systems which deal with the future of our species as one ecological community boxed into a relatively small niche in evolution.
This is evident in the trend to expand the boundaries of subject divisions.  For example, arising from the great diversity of modern approaches to archaeology has come the need to develop a theory of persons within a more general theory of organisms and environment.  These trends point the way to a general educational framework that would link together culture and ecology in a common knowledge system of human life, consciousness and environment. This would be a form of cross-disciplinary systems thinking, where social, economic and material concepts are regarded as being embedded in ecological relations.
The aim of my blog is to help build the theoretical and practical bridges with the goal of facilitating cultural change to sustain the human condition as a global society. My contention is that cultural ecology could provide an ideational scaffold to join up practical approaches, from many starting points, for managing the environment in an overcrowded world.

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